Medicated Diet

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以藥物入膳 是通過改變飲食來治療和預防疾病,而食物主要是根據每個人的身體狀況來取捨。因此,東方草藥材亦經常被納入膳食及日常飲食當中,以進一步增強飲食對身體所起的作用。


- 保持健康愉悅生活

- 加強身體的防禦系統 以預防和控制疾病

- 抗老化,延長壽命



木 代表 - 肝,膽囊,眼睛,肌腱
火 代表 - 心臟,小腸,舌頭,血管
土 代表 - 脾,胃,口,肌肉
金 代表 - 肺,大腸,鼻子,頭髮和皮膚
水 代表 - 腎,膀胱,耳朵,骨頭



For every disease there are a healing herbs which in their basic vibration contain exactly the same radiation that man lacks. Today more than 4000 medicinal plants are known, which were given to man to heal until removed the cause of disturbance of inner balance. Traditional Oriental Medicine is a school of medicine that originated in China thousands of years ago. It consists of a very comprehensive system of diagnosis, differentiation and treatment based on theories deeply rooted in Chinese culture and philosophy. It takes a holistic approach to both the understanding and treatment of the human body. This means that everything in the universe is interconnected and mutually affects each other to varying degrees. Similarly, this Medicated treatments don’t focus on the condition of the patient’s body alone. They take into account such environmental factors as the patient’s lifestyle and diet.

Therefore, a large part of the efficacy of Chinese medicine is due to the suggested lifestyle changes that not only prolong the effects of the treatment, but also improves the overall health of the patients and prevents them from having relapses and/or contracting other diseases. Therefore, medicated diet should be the most effective and most commonly.

Medicated diet involves treating and preventing diseases by making changes in one’s diet. There are certain foods to eat while other foods to avoid based on each individual’s body condition. In addition, Chiinese medicinal herbs are often incorporated into the daily diet to further enhance the effect of the dietary changes.

The purpose of food as guided by Chinese medicated diet theory,
- Promote growth and maintain a healthy and joyful life

- Modulate the biological defense system for prevention and management of disease

- Anti-aging and prolong life

One of the theories in Chinese Medicine is the five element theory,


Wood represents - Liver, Gallbladder, Eyes, Tendon

Fire represents - Heart, Small Intestines, Tongue, Vessel

Earth represents - Spleen, Stomach, Mouth, Muscle

Metal represents - Lung, Large Intestine, Nose, Hair and skin

Water represents - Kidney, Bladder, Ear, Bone


The theory is applied to generalize the functional properties of the viscera and structures of the body and to demonstrate the mutual relationships shared by all parts of the body and its environment.