隔水燉 做法

1. 洗乾淨全部材料, 浸泡 15分鐘

2. 把肉放落滾水汆一汆水,取出洗淨

3. 電燉盅注水600ml-700ml,放入所有材料
4. 按[營養湯]模式 
5. 完成後用鹽調味即可。

preparation method (Stew pot)
1. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly, soak for 15minutes2. Blanch and rinse the meat with boiling water
3. Combine all ingredients with 600ml-700ml water
4. Press [Tonic soup] mode 
5. Add salt to taste when finished.

燜燒杯 做法:

1. 所有材料洗淨 浸15分鐘
2. 連肉剪至大拇指大小
3. 將滾水和肉倒入燜燒杯預熱
4. 其他材料加水 煲10分鐘
5. 將燜燒杯中的熱水倒出,
6. 把肉洗乾淨, 放埋入煲
7. 煲好的材料倒入 靜侍四小時

preparation method (thermal food jar)

1. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly, soak for 15minutes
2. Cut into small pieces (included meat)
3. Pour boilling water and meat into thermal jar to warm up
4. Boil the herbs for 10 minutes
5. Pour the boilling water and meat out of the jar
6. Rinse the meat, continue boiling with herbs for 1 minute
7. Pour everything into the jar, cover it and leave to cook for 4hours

#807 沙蔘玉竹麥冬百合湯 Skin moisturizing soup

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  • 沙蔘, 玉竹, 百合, 麥冬, 蜜棗, 杞子

    Glehnia root, Polygonatum root, Dried Lily, Radix Ophiopogois, Candied dates, Wolfberries



    Strengthens your lungs and stomach, quenches thirst, good for those with dry skin and mouth.

  • 朝早進補

    1. 睡前 材料洗淨

    2. 把肉汆水

    3. 放入電燉盅 加700ml水

    4. 調教至起床前 三四個鐘開始燉  



    Preparation of breakfast

    1. Rinse all the ingredients thoroughly

    2. Blanch the meat 

    3. cambain with 700ml water

    4. Set timer, start cooking 3-4hours before getting up

    -Keep warm-







    Lunch box

    Pour the soup into thermal food jar

    Bring it to work

    You can eat with rice or noodle