Cant finish a chicken in one meal? 一次用不完一隻雞?

一個人份量 買菜煮飯都好傷腦筋, 我通常在烹煮之前會把一隻雞切開5~8件(視乎雞的大小) 然後用保鮮紙包好, 放入冰格儲存。雞腳也不要丢, 用來燉花膠都好好 除了美味的 瑤柱冬菇眉豆花生雞腳湯 還有 黨蔘茯苓薏米蓮子湯四季去濕湯清補涼排骨湯

Its quite nerve wracking when purchasing and cooking for one. I usually cut a whole chicken into 5-8pieces (depends on its size) then cover with plastic wrap and freeze it. Also keep the chicken feet, it's good to match with fish maw, Dry scallop mushrooms with peanuts black-eye beans or Codonopsis poria soup with lotus seeds, Dampness removing soup, Heat-removing Soup

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