Reason why I love thermal food jars 情迷燜燒杯的原因

自從年幾兩年前開始用左第一隻燜燒杯之後, 我儲左好多不同品牌, 不同容量的燜燒杯在閏中。愛它, 只因為它實在太方便, 有時出差一兩個星期, 有啖湯水飲下, 朝早有啖粥仔食下, 真係無可取代~ Since I started using my first thermal food jar two years ago, I like a food jars collector, store a lot of food jars in my house. I love using it because it is so user friendly and convenient. magine that you're on a business trip. Having nourishing soup or congee in the morning to start a day is just fantastic I gotta say!

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