Benefits of mushrooms & how to rinse monkey head mushroom 菌類的好處&猴頭菇沖洗方法

菌類主要是可以健脾養胃, 對消化不良, 有胃氣, 氣血不足, 以及有便祕煩腦的人都好有幫助, 適合各種體質的人飲用。猴頭菇, 姬松茸, 牛肝菌, 羊肚菌, 茶樹菇 個個味道都好好, 煲湯一流。

沖洗猴頭菇都好簡單, 先浸數分鐘, 擠水, 再浸入水 幾秒鐘再擠 重覆做三四次就可以

Mushrooms can strengthen your spleen and stomach. It is helpful for those suffering from indigestion, and those with stomach gas, bad blood circulation and constipation. Monkey head mushrooms, Morels, Agaricus Blazei, Tea tree mushrooms, are both delicious, also good to make a soup. 

Rinsing monkey head mushrooms is not that diffcult. Soak it into water for few mins then squeeze. Soak few sec and squeeze, repeat this step 3-4 times. 

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