Fish maw jelly recipe 魚膠奶凍 花膠布甸 食譜

如果鐘意食花膠, 你一定會喜歡它。準備好 花膠, 牛奶 同冰糖。

If you are a fan of fish maw, I bet you will fall for it. Prepare your fish maw, milk and crystal sugar. 

1. 花膠蒸3️分鐘再浸12個鐘以上

steam fish maw for 3mins and soak at least 12 hours

2. 然後洗乾淨加少少水 放入燉盅燉3個鐘

Rinse it thoroughly, add few water, put into stew pot and cook at least 3hrs

3. 加入冰糖和牛奶再燉多15分鐘, 熄火。

add milk and crystal sugar, leave to cook 15mins

4. 放入雪櫃等一兩個鐘就完成。

put into fridge and wait for 1-2hrs. done!

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