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March 1, 2018

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濕與脾虛與肥胖 Dampness and Spleen deficiency and weight gain

December 30, 2017




「濕」可以藏在身體的某個特定部位,亦會使身體感到沉重和疲憊,並且會使身體變得腫漲,防礙身體的活動功能。有些人的體質可能比其他人更容易積存濕氣,生活在潮濕的環境 (沿海城市)或長期久坐不運動的生活方式 都會令身體更加濕。 



「脾虛」 可以粗略地解釋為 消化不良,不能有效吸收食物中的營養,因此就算吃得多,吃得好,仍然會感到疲倦,懶散,經常飢餓,因為身體不能從食物中吸收營養,吃很多都覺得餓,這樣會使體重很難下降。


脾虛可以有遺傳因素,也可能是由於飲食不當,如外出吃飯,在深夜進食,都是妨礙減肥的。消化最強的時間是 早上七點 到十一點,這是吃大餐或重餐的最佳時間。此外睡眠不足,缺乏運動,勞累過度,過度思考或擔心,被認為對脾臟特別危險,不利減肥。所以有很多被認為是脾虛的人,都很難達到一個減肥目標。


令你身體更濕 要少吃的食物:


所有乳製品 - 牛奶,奶酪,酸奶,雪糕

小麥製品 - 麵包,糕點,餅乾,所有酵母產品
加工食品 - 味精、糖和甜味劑
濃縮果汁 - 尤其是橙、番茄


In traditional Chinese Medicine dampness comes from a failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body. It is nearly always associated with a weak Spleen, often with a weak Kidney and sometimes a weak Lung. The most common is what we Chinese call “Dampness” and “spleen deficiency”.


"Dampness" can lodge in a specific part of the body, it can make you feel heavy and tired and it can make you swell up and it can obstruct body’s functions. Some people are more prone to damp than others, a tendency towards dampness can be aggravated by living in damp conditions and places or by a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise.


Spleen deficiency and weight loss


"spleen deficiency" can be roughly translated as having weak digestion that does not allow the body to absorb and transport food effectively. No matter how well or how much you eat, you are left feeling tired, sluggish and usually hungry as the body is not absorbing nutrition from food, which makes weight loss hard.


Spleen deficiency can be a genetic component and similar conditions can run in the same family. It can also be caused by poor diet such as eating meals on the go, unwholesome snacking, which hamper weight loss. Eating late at night is especially damaging for this type of condition. The strongest time for the digestion is between 7:00 am and 11:00 am and this is the best time to eat larger or heavier meals. Too little sleep, lack of movement, overwork and over-thinking or worrying are considered especially hazardous to the spleen and not good for weight loss. That's why so many people could now be considered spleen deficient and they are also difficult to achieve for a weight loss target.


Foods which promote dampness & less eating are:


Dairy – milk, cheese, yogurts, ice cream 

eggs, soy milk, chocolate, avocado
Wheat – breads, pastry’s, biscuits, all yeast products
Pork & duck meat
Processed foods – sugar & sweeteners
Concentrated juice – especially Orange & Tomato
Mangoes & Bananas
Saturated fats




Dampness removing soup ideas


#805 土茯苓去濕湯 Smilax dampness removing soup



#008 四季袪濕湯 Daily dampness removing soup




having little red beans and cooked pearl barley with hot water

as daily drink to resolve dampness in body!

每日一杯 赤小豆+炒過的熟薏米 的 紅豆薏米水 袪濕最好!

Raw pearl barley is a cold food in tradition Chinese medicine which is not good for spleen, better use fried /cooked pearl barley.




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